Ingame Leader is a social enterprise funded by the Victorian State Government’s Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

Founded by a group of social entrepreneurs and former esports veterans, Ingame Leader has developed a four-month leadership development program designed to young people:

  • Improve their personal relationships
  • ○ Improve esteem and overall mental health;
  • ○ Direct away from anti-social activities (ie; drugs, crime)

We aim to do this through a combination of structured programs and online safe spaces that equip young adults with the connections, skills and community needed to establish better future outcomes

Melbourne 2020 - Pilot program

Working with key local community partners in Melbourne’s southern region, we are launching our first iteration of the Leadership program with a cohort of young adults.

In a highly hands-on bootcamp-like program consists of five self-esteem building sessions, with each session using esports as a vehicle to teach participants a different theme of personal leadership and to learn important life skills.

Examples of topics include:
- Goal setting
in esports
- Teamwork & Respect
in esports
- Practice & the role of self-discipline in esports
- Leading yourself & others
in esports
- Creativity and lateral thinking
in esports

Filling a missing link

Mental health conditions often start early in life and can have significant implications for success in education, future careers and personal relationships.

According to the ABS, one in four young people experiences a mental health condition and suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 12 to 24. Furthermore, half of all mental health conditions known to emerge by the age of 14, and three-quarters by age 24.

It is widely known that identifying issues early and getting a young person into the right support and treatment can change lives.

The challenge, however, is in finding effective and meaningful ways to better discover and connect with them, and if needed refer them to the relevant support professionals before it is too late.

  • Who do we mean by 'youth overcoming their challenges' anyway?
  • Specifically, Ingame Leader is developing social participation programs designed to prevent young adults in further facing challenges around:
  • Mental Health
    - Working with young people to help prevent or manage anxiety, depression or self-harm.
  • Education Challenges
    - Working with youth people thinking about or planning to leave the education system prematurely, which may lead to a poor transition from school to work or further study.
  • Alcohol & Other Drug Challenges
    - Working with youth facing drug-related harm or challenges.

Why esports?

Using team-based video games (esports) as the primary mechanism, the IGL program itself shares many common positive characteristics with that of traditional physical sports.

A predominantly social experience, esports brings almost all the positive characteristics and values of traditional sports, such as teamwork, leadership, collaboration, creativity and much more.

Unlike traditional sports, however, esports is unique in the sense that it offers a considerably low barrier to participation to that of physical sports, which require considerable human capital and physical infrastructure to establish itself and scale.

How can you help?

We're inviting gamers, brands, and esports institutions of all shapes and sizes to help us move the needle on mental health.

There are tonnes of ways you can help and get involved right through from volunteering to donating or sitting on our advisory board. For brands, below are a few suggestions


Join a community of other socially conscious IGLs and aspiring esports athletes!